Sunday, February 8, 2015

First week in Jesus Maria

hola familia!! So, my first week in jesus maria. It was really good!! Guess what? Norma and joaquin got baptized in san francisco!! I got permission to call her and talk to her :) She was so happy and felt so blessed to make this covenant with god. Oh my gosh I am so happy for her. I know this is all thanks to god, not to us haha. When I was younger I remember looking at the missionaries and I was like, they always look happy! Its not normal to be so happy haha. But on my mission I've realized that it is possible to be so happy! Like, theres so many challenges in the mission sometimes I'm just not even surprised when something hard pops up. But I'm happy even with the challenges. The challenges we have as a companionship in our area makes me feel like heavenly father trusts me enough to go through all of this. I enjoy being out here in jesus maria. I really do. We find some really good people to teach. And the members are working in the missionary work so hard! They find us people and our new investigators come from them. Really the people we find through the members are some of the greatest investigators who progress, so i challenge all of you to give referrals to the missionaries in your wards, I know they will appreciate it. Life is crazy and so busy, but heavenly father promises us with blessings when we do his will and when we help people come unto christ :) 
My health is doing good!! Now We run every day haha the first 2 days were so hard during the day, my legs were so sore!! So sore that when we were proselyting my legs didn't respond and i totally ate it on the street hahahaa. My companion didn't know what was going on and neither did i. It all happened so fast!! We have lunch with the members every day pretty much and its really nice, the moms all make us healthy hearty food haha and hen we have fruit and, fruit in the house to eat so thats good.) :) : ) Mom get better soon, Ill be praying for you:) 
So guess what? So many people have had lice here in jesus maria and in san francisco. I feel like its real live walking dead, except the zombies aren't following me, but the lice are hahaha. My companion got them the end of the last transfer and so I've been helping her take them out. And keeping my hair in a big bun on top of my head hahaha i told her, i wouldn't pick lice out of somebodies head for cualquier persona. And she laughed and said it's practice for when I'm a mom and i have to take lice out of my kids heads, that made me really nervous to be a mom haha. 
So we have 5 baptism dates for February 21. 3 of those people have to stop smoking, and all of them are pretty addicted. So this is going to take a lot of faith and a lot of, yeah, faith in god that this can all work out. We`ve been telling them that they have to first believe in god and then believe in themselves, because if they don't believe in theirselves, its not going to work out very well. So today after p day hermana amaya and i are going to read this study of how to quit smoking in 8 days. We`re going to read it and see if it'll work and have faith in god that he`ll work some miracles. I have faith in him, he`s the best, :) 
Hmm, but mom write about whatever happened this week!! I ove hearing about what you guys learn at church or in the scriptures and stuff like that because I'm able to share these experiences with my investigators :) Share with me things you would tell me if i was home, whatever you want :) I never get bored reading your emails, in fact, i always love reading about them :) :) what would you like me to write about? Anything in specific? You can write a list of questions or something like you do sometimes, i feel like theres just so much to tell you in an hour and i don't know which things to choose!! 
Oh yeah, so one of the best parts of my mission, teaching norma and joaquin who got baptized on Saturday, we left hem with the pamphlet of the restoration and we got to the lesson to start teaching and i was like, this all starts with god is our loving heavenly father, and shes like, ya ya i already ready that, whos joseph smith? She prayed about everything we taught her and she told us that god answered her and told her that it was the right thing. And she said everytime we came to visit her she had less and less doubts, until she told us she didnt have any more :) It also helped me grow my confidence, because its really cool to think about the things that i teach someone with my companion really are true, god tells the people we teach that were teaching the right thing, it makes me feel special i don't know if that makes sense. Makes me feel like i have a big purpose here. That people don't see Kelby and her imperfections, but they see a disciple of christ, a representative, and thats the best feeling ever. to have these investigators trusting you, ah i love it. 
But I hope you all have an amazing week, i love you all so much, Ill be praying for you like always , 

TE AMO!!!!
Hermana romeril 

The night before P day
I love my companion haha
I love when the elders let us use their bikes!

I'm walking on sunshine!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I got transferred to Jesus Maria

hola familia :)

So, I`m here in Jesus Maria with hermana Amaya again! It is very rare that companions get back together for a second time!  So, I left San Francisco this morning at 5:30 am and I got to Cordoba at like, 8:30 am! I traveled with Elder Mellor, Connor`s friend. He`s finished his mission!   

I got to the terminal in cordoba and hermana Amaya came to come get me and when she came i just felt love for her. Hermana Amaya and hermana Miranda opened up an area here in jesus maria, they're the first hermanas to be here, so they had been living with some members for 2 transfers while looking for a house to live in. They found a house and moved in about a week and a half ago. So when I came to the house today we only had 2 beds and a toilet and a sink, we didnt even have lights hahaha. But Elder Blanco, the pensionero, and Elder I cant remember his name drove hermana amaya and i up to jesus maria and they bought us some things for the apartment, plates, bowls, shower curtain, light bulbs, we have electricity now, haha :) And the best part is we got to pick out all  of our stuff for the house, and there are SO many pink things im in love with it!! And tomorrow someone is going to bring us a refrigerator and a closet for our clothes and a washing machine and some other things. Im really excited seriously. Something that hermana amaya told me, we were sitting in the car waiting for elder blanco and the other missionary, she said, i was so excited when they told me you were going to be with me again, I feel like i get one of my best friends back with me! We`re in a different area, with different missionaries and what not. And this time I'm not the junior companion. we`re both senior companions - so its a co-companionship. So thats cool too, well have to share all the responsibilities. We don't have a phone, haha they lost it on Saturday so I'm not even sure if well have a phone this transfer but thats okay, way less stress for sure. 

I heard the area here we have is really big, so well be taking a lot of collectivos haha. And the ward is really big here, they have like 140 members of the church, thats a lot! We had like, 40-50 in san francisco. they just had 3 baptisms too, they're working really hard out here, i feel really excited, nervous too, but more excited and ready more than anything. I am going to miss san Francisco, but when i got out of the car today in jesus maria, i just felt like this is where i need to be. I feel really good, i feel really excited to start working. 

The house we have isn't very big at all, its really small, but i am in love with it! It means there's not that much to clean on p days, haha we wont have to spend hours cleaning anymore lke we did in san francisco. I want to learn the area as fast as i can so i can hurry and learn it so i am able to help my companion. So I suggested that in the mornings when we go running we choose a house to run to of a member, or an investigator, or a less active, and so i can have more help learning everything and ya! if i get us lost, well that sucks we just have to run more hahaha. 

But, it was sad to leave san francisco, i really love the people there. it was hard leaving norma and joaquin, i wanted to see them get baptized so bad. but more than that, i am so excited that they're even getting baptized. its not important if i see it or not, because none of this is about me. its about them making covenants with god.  
So thats whats going on this week in my life! Thank you for the family letter, i read it last night after i printed it and it just gave me so much strength and made me think that this is all possible. 

like you said mom, i just have to believe in god, but not only believe in him, trust in him. I promised him i would do everything that he needed me to do when i accepted my mission call, so here i go. :) 

Espero que ustedes tiened una gran semana, llena de muchas cosas buenas. Voy a estar orando para ustedes, como siempre. Ustedes me dan la motivacion wue yo necesito para seguir adelante. Mi consejo para ustedes esta semana es seguir adelante tambien, recuerdense que amo a ustedes, ustedes son los mejores. La mejor familia en serio :) LES AMO!!
Hermana romeril

Me and Hermana Amaya!

My new PINK bathroom!

Last day in San Francisco :(