Monday, January 5, 2015

Week of January 5, 2015

How´s it going? is it going good?? That sounds SO fun about your mini vacay to Carlsbad!! Sounds so sweet about the place you all stayed out, sounds like a blast man!! I wish I coulda been there hahaha! I love you so much!! Chelcey´s wedding sounds super fun and pretty! seriously! I can´t believe she´s already married, actually I can well like every one is getting married!! haha. I miss you guys so much!! 

I can´t believe I come home this year :) Well, there´s stilll ike 11 months, but ya know, it´s going fast. I really tried to take your advice by making San Francisco my home for now, so I decided to rededicate myself this week. So i did! And I decided I was going to try to give my all to Heavenly Father. I came home every night and my feet hurt so bad, i have blisters on my feet and got so sun burned, but when I got home at night I really felt like I had given my all to Him. Obviously I wasn´t perfect, but I did try harder to be better. And guess what?? Yesterday we got to church and the first hour is relief society and young womens and stuff like that so hermana gonzalez and i were going to teach the lesson in young womens and we got into teaching and elder toledo said, hermana, laura alvarez is here at church, one of our investigators :) ANd seriuosly i almost started crying!! I was so excited i totally didnt know what to do! So i went and got her and we went to relief society and then gospel principles class and hermana gonzalez taught it and the spirit was sooo strong. After we got to sacrament meeting and took the sacrament and then we heard the testimonies from the members because well, it´s the first sunday of the month and seriously all of the testimonies were about what laura needs in her life, and she was listening so attently and her little boy, maxi was there and hes like 4 ywears old or 5 i cant remember so i gave him stuff to draw and i gave him a picture of jesus christ and asked him if he could draw it for me and he drew a picture of jesus and oh my goash, it was the cutest thing ever. Laura was just smiling and listening to the members still. Laura was the first investigator san francisco has had for 6 months, no joke. And laura came to church because when we were teaching her this week we committed her to going to church, and she came, we didn´t remind her or go to her house to make her come, she just came. For me, it was such a special moment. It made me feel like really Heavenly Father knows us and knows our efforts. When we give all we have he´ll keep his promises by giving us blessings. God is good. Seriously. Who knows what´s going to happen with laura, we´re going to keep teaching her and invite her to be baptized for thismonth, and Ipm just going to give everything to heavenly father, including my faith. im just going to trust in his will and in him and i know that his will will be done :)
But ya, I´ve been studying a lot about how to better myself and with my district leader I´ve been making some goals for this week. This week it´s to talk with more people and to not be afraid to talk to them and to direct 3 planning sessions. I´ve been studying a lot about humility, i realized i don´t really have a lot of that. I learned that pride is not trusting fully in heavenly father, not showing complete faith in him and also pride is getting offended when people try to help you and correct you, like being defensive. i realized i do that alot, bueno, i always have known i do that but i realized this week that that was pride. So those with other things are what im working on changing. Patience too. Not being so impulsive when i get frustrated or annoyed. i realize i get really annoyed really easily and say rude things to people and then after i have to say im sorry because what i did wasn´t okay. So this week when i feel annoyed or frustrated i say a silent prayer until the bad feelings arent there. It really works. seriously!! Sometimes i have to keep praying for a while, but heavenly father always helps me feel less annoyed and he always helps me feel better. so bueno, this week i havent had to say sorry to other people as many times!! 
So guess what? There is like an outbreak of lice here. yes, yall read that right. My companionand i have been keeping our hair in buns the whole week, and so many people in the branch have it. when i first found out, my companion already knew how afraid of lice i was and i almost cried seriously it just scares me so bad!! I am super careful with who i hug and i feel bad because i dont want it to seem like im being rude but seriously that has brought sooo much stress this week!! Luckily up to this point i dont have it, ill update you all if i do. hahaha. 
Pero, quiero decirles que les amo, mucho enserio. Si he aprendido algo que ha llamado mi atención mucho aquí en la misión, es cuan gran es mi amor para mi familia. Yo amo a mi familia y ustedes son una gran bendición en mi vida. Aún aquí en Argentina puedo sentir el amor de ustedes. Quiero decirles que sigan adelante con todo, la vida puede ser difícil, y muchas veces no entendemos porque tenemos los dificultades que tenemos. pero sepan que su padre celestial les ama, que Él siempre va a estar allí ayudándoles, amándoles. Y yo támbien! Les amo, estoy  muy agradecida por cada uno de ustedes. ustedes tienen un lugar en mi corazon tan tan especial. Les verémos en 11 meses :) :) 

Hermana Romeril

Me and my companion and Mia :)

Our Christmas Door!  Thank you Mom.  I'm pretty sure we were the only one in Argentina with a door decoration like this!  And this is our Christmas dinner. 
Banana bread...not as good as yours for sure mom!

My twinnie!

Awkward handshake #1

Awkward Handshake #2

Zone Leader!

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