Saturday, June 7, 2014

This Mission Isn't About Me...

Hola familia!! Como estan?? 

Okay first off, thank you SOOO so much for the Argentina ring! I seriously love it so much it is beautiful and so pretty and omgosh I'm in love with it. I never take it off, seriously though. And Dad, thank you so much for the letter!! I wrote you back and I’m going to send it off right after I finish this email business :) Mitchell I wrote you too so be prepared for a letter this week:) Mom I'm in the process of writing you a letter about stuff I probably won't have time to write about in this email so watch for that as well:) I'll hit the main points of everything in this letter though!!! Try to at least? :) 

Okay second, I got a package from the Ellsworths, I loved it!! They sent me 2 scarves and swedish fish that my whole district super enjoyed! :) Funny Lori Park, Jeff's mom, September's aunt, Cindy's sister, Sherri's sister, put something in the package and it was a scarf that is so beautiful and some money and she put on the envelope, from your future mother in law, Jeff's mom, Jeff Park's mom. It made me laugh so hard!! Oh my heck it was great and so so nice I appreciated dit so much. I also got a package from the Dunn's! Well it was cupcakes from Cocoa Bean and the Elders and hermanas in my district super enjoyed them!! I didn't tell you about this either, Bart and Kami and Connor sent me a package!! Connor sent me that I love Kosovo shirt and then a beautiful necklace with my name on it and then Bart and Kami wrote me a letter and sent swedish fish. Holy Gina I love them! :) I have definitely been feeling the love out here and I am so grateful for everyone's love and support. I seriously couldn't do this mission without knowing how many people I have supporting me!! Grandma and Grandpa Finklea have written me and it was so nice. Cousin Tanner's written me and we've written a few times back and forth!

Okay so this week has been so great!! Funny story actually. Yesterday in our night class that goes from 5:15 to 9:00, we were all doing some deep personal stuff, reflecting on our lives and what not and Elder *, bends down to go get something off the floor and totally FARTS in the pure silence and he immediately pops up and we all look at each other and then started busting up! I couldn't even take him seriously for the next 20 minutes oh my heck. 

I have never felt the pure love of Christ more than I have while I've been here on my mission. Things that would normally bother me or things I would normally be grumpy about aren't even second thoughts to me. When I look at people I just can feel the love that God has for them and it makes me love them and I can feel how much Heavenly Father loves both of my companions and he loves me and I love both of my companions so much. We're like the unstoppable trio and we're powerful together gosh dangit!! But in all seriousness, this mission isn't about me. It's not about trying to gain benefits for my life or for my selfish purposes. It's to bring people closer to Christ and to help them feel of the love that their Padre Celestial has for them. In these lessons I've been teaching to investigators, I've felt love for every one of them even though I know barely anything about them. I look at them and I see that they are so special to HF y JesuCristo and because of that love and that divinity they all have, it's so important that I treat them with so much love and respect and that I really try to bring them closer to the thing that could bring them so much happiness in their lives. 

Also, y'all should read Enos 1 I can't remember which verses but read it and let me know what you think about it next week. :) I read it in my personal study on Thursday and I fell in love with it. 

Also Also also, thank you for your prayers and love everyone. I really was able to feel it this week and I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and the desires of our hearts and I am so grateful for each one of you in my life. 

In one of our lessons this week with Samuel, Hermana Woolley was tring to ask him what his expectations were for this lesson and instead she said, "Que es sus expiaciones por esta leccion?' (What are you atonements for this lesson?) Samuel had the most confused look on his face then we all started laughing so hard. Oh boy. I love Hermana Woolley. I love both of my companions!! :) They are so great and fun and loving and patient and Spanish is coming along quite well actually. Basically I'm almost fluent. Okay not really but in my dreams I am. 

Mom you asked about the elders in my district! They are all so so nice! They're all like our brothers and they watch out for us with everything. We're like a big family :) I already mentioned who has been writing me family wise, but as long as I have you guys I am pretty solid :) and happy :) and content:) but I love all the other support too. It really brightens my days. Elder ** is still a super sweet spirit...hahaha. He cussed at Elder Giliam because he thought he wasn't taking a spiritual moment seriously. We were like, homie say WHA!!?

OH! MY! GOSH! I haven't told you the spider story. This week we had a huge spider in our bathroom actually it was inside of my shoe when I went to go put it on omgosh I was seriously dying and all of us are so scared of spiders! And I made my companions kill it and it took like seriously 45 minutes to kill it because we were so scared and kept psyching ourselves out. What was I doing when they were killing the spider you might wonder? Definitely recording them with my camera because Hermana Tu'akalau was so scare standing on the table and she was omgosh so funn like seriously we were crying...mostly because we were scared and also because we were laughing so hard. I'll try to send you some of the videos holy gina they are so funny. So ya, I'm still not over my fear of spiders....and either are my companions. we were SO SCARED - just in case you didn't catch my drift the first time ;) 

Lo Ciento familia for worrying you with my health but I am so happy and improving so much and I hope you guys feel that I'm okay because now is the perfect time to get sick! A real trial of my faith, but I'm coming out of it feeling stronger than eva :) Also, I pray for you guys every night and morning. I Love you guys so much. so much. 

Also mom you wondered why I might be losing weight! Probably because I eat at normal times of the day and the stuff here at the West campus is portion controlled and what not and honestly I'm just so busy that I don't think about food because Im so busy. I feel like that was a fat kid confession. I will do great things. ;)

I'm taking steroids for asthma! My normal inhaler then 2 other medications that are steroids. it's better :) :) :) :) im really good at volleyball now because my steroids make me strong :) So that's good right? How is everything going  in Hemet?! :) I miss you all so so much and I love you and you're in my thoughts everyday! :) :) :) 

Much love and amor, 

Hermana Romeril

ps, until next week :) Can't wait 

ps again, keep dear elders coming !!!! :) They legitly make my day!

Me and Hermana Morris.  I love this woman!!!

What we do at night when we don't go to bed right at 10:30 :D

My District!

Look who I ran into?!

Don't be jelly dad and Mitchell! Went to Burger Supreme :D

Hermana Morris thought these were hilarious of me at the doctor!

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