Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trials Make You Stronger

This week was probably the hardest week I have yet had on my mission. On wednesday I think I got into my head too much that everyone was going to be in St. George for Connor's homecoming and Wednesday was a hard day for me. I missed home and I missed family - My wonderful MTC teacher, Hermana Martinez, told me she wanted to talk to me because she said she could tell something was wrong so we talked and I just told her what was going on and she only speaks spanish, like she's going to school right now to learn English. She told me when she was talking to me, "You know my English isn't good right? Your Spanish is better than my English, but I feel like I should tell you something that HF wants you to know, so i know that he will help me know what to say in English to you" She continues on to say "I know you can serve a successful mission. I have been watching you as you teach in class and there are so many things you do that I wish I would have done as a missionary and Heavenly Father knows that you're trying your hardest and He will provide ways for you that you probably don't know yet" Anyways, she talked to me for a while and it was really comforting to know that she was there for me and let me just tell you how amazing she is. She is frfom Mexico and used to teach at the Mexico MTC and moved here because they needed her awesome expertise here :)

Yesterday I went to infield orientation!!! If  I had one word to describe that: OHMYHECK. okay I cheated that was 2 words. wait no 3. I'm losing it! Anyways, It was the longest day ever! We sat in classes and the only thing that got me through was Hermanas Morris, Pukahi and Woolley. I'll have to tell you more details on MOnday on the phone but oh my heck we had the best time I have so much to tell you but Im chatting with yall right now and I'll tell you more on the phone on monday :) I love you all!! Have fun with Connor on SUNDAY! give him a hig for me! :) Sorry for the shorter email, my mind is totally scattered with trying to pack everything today!!!!

I love you all so much, I think the world of you :)

Hermana Romeril

Temple Day!

Our Elders

Before Hermana T left

Shawn!...a BYU friend

Sisters in my zone

Hermanas for Life

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