Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trip to Cordoba


So to answer your questions:

Chango, I don’t know if my bed is super comfy or if im just so tired at the end of everyday because i go to bed and its literally heavenly! cielo en la tierra. wheewwww. And im warm enough!! my area is actually super hot and humid right now. i slept the other night with my pjs wet so i wouldnt sweat to death haha you should try it some time. Hot showers and baths, heck to the yes do i miss them!!! hot water in general haha.

Yesterday was a hard day (31 Julio).  I really missed my family yesterday.  But. I can do this!  Dad, I read your letter 3x before I went to bed.  Even though I don’t have you guys physically here with me, I have your emails and letters!

President Alliaud is coming up to Catamarca to interview my zone today.  It’s 8:30 and interviews start at 10:00.  I’m excited.  It’ll be nice to be able to talk with him about everything.  Well, not everything—I’ll just be nice to talk to him.  The mission president is like my mission dad!  Doesn’t take the place of my dad though.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the lunch date my companion and I had last week.  It was with the same lady that I accidentally said yes to her question “Is my food ugly?”  Ok. So. She brings out this pasta with carne and it looked way yummy! I started stirring the pasta after she left the room and ba sically it was oil soup with some noodles and carne.  I kid you not—I have never seen so much oil.  I told my companion—Hermana, no puedo hacerlo.  She’s like ya you can.  Just eat it.  So it took me a while to get brave enough to try it and I finally did and I literally threw up in my mouth.  The bad part is, right as I was throwing up, the daughter who’s like 25 years old walks out and saw..and heard it and she kinda just looks at me and walks out of the room again.  Hermana Rivera was dying laughing because it was so awkward and then she says “ok, I believe you. You really can’t.”  So she ate her food and my food.  That’s not the end of it—don’t worry.  Hermana Martinez walks out and was like “do you want some fruit?”  I was thinking “Perfect!” You can’t go wrong with fruit.  So she comes back out with some of the brownest bananas I’ve ever seen.  Hermana R. and I were like, no way can we do this!  So we hid the uneaten bananas in our backpacks and told her we had to go.  Whew.  Dificil!  The food here is SO hard to eat.  I’m definitely not on my mission for the food. 

Tomorrow night at midnight, Hermana Silva and I are traveling to Cordoba to get my papers for Argentina finished.  And guess what!?  I get to see Hermana Woolley, Hermana Morris, and Elder Royster.  They’re my buddies.  Legitly I am so excited!  I’m a little nervouse to go with Hermana Silva mainly because she speaks no English. 

So I decorated my planner the other day and guess how I decorated it? SPARKLES! My companion told me she’s pretty sure she’s never seen a planner like mine.  Making a Kelby impression in Argentina—one planner at a time J

Good luck with school and stuff everyone!!! Keep in mind how amazing yall are that yall are in my prayers every night and day.  Sorry this is so short! Love you all!

Mexican dinner with hermanas!!!

I got to hang out with Hermana Woolley today!!!

Update on the Cordoba Temple!

My best friend...literally!

my district! the other elders. elder ruiz is the hispanic and elder thaxton!

I made a fresh fruit salad. Well...not fresh but close to it!!!

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