Monday, July 28, 2014


Hola Posterity!

Thank you mom for the nice message about my confidence and stuff! It´s weird that even my district leader realized my lack of confidence through my fear of making mistakes in Spanish and what not but he’s helping me be better as well and I have god and you all. I can do this!!! I already feel more confident than before my mission. I mean today I didn’t even wear makeup.  My companion told me when they called my name to be her companion she didn’t want to be my companion.  She said “You just look so perfect and proper and you’re timid when people first meet you so it makes you look intimidating.” So I’m not wearing makeup today.  I don’t want people to think I’m rude or intimidating!

So, the water heater breaks A LOT so we don’t usually have warm water.  I couldn’t shower today or yesterday…so for sure I’m going to shower today—COLD OR WARM.

Good luck everyone as you start school! I know it’s not for another week I think? Or 2? But really enjoy it! The time goes by so fast and I know during the school year things can get stressful and overwhelming, but try to take time every once in a while and do something fun!! Y’all are amazing; I keep you in my thoughts and prayers every day! You are all a perfect example to me. By the way dad <I have already read your letter 4 times ha-ha and counting. I will reply to it ah I love you so much and im so grateful to have you. Kaitlyn I miss you so much!!! Ah and everyone. I love you alll mauahhhhh.

Hermana Romeril

25 Julio 2014

Yesterday was a good day, except I found out that a recent convert, Dario, has cancer that he’s been fighting for 3 years and the doctor told him he has a few months to a year to live.  That was really sad and put a huge damper on my mood.  Dario is the first person here that I have a connection with.  It’s such an honor to be in Dario’s presence.  Up to this point, he’s don’t almost all that he promised he would do on this earth and he’s almost ready to meet God again so he can tell Dario “well done, thou good and faithful servant.” God has a plan for Dario, and it’s still really said, but I feel so honored to have the opportunity to spend the last few months of his life with him. 

Yesterday we had a reunion de distrito and I taught the lesson!  Ask me if I was scared-‘cuz I was!  But it was just my district of me, Hna Rivera, Elder Ruiz, and Elder Thaxton.  Elder Ruiz es de Mexico and Elder Thaxton is from Arizona.  They’re both way nice.  Elder Ruiz has the funniest sayings. They might not be funy to y’all, but I’ll tell you anyways!  He ALWAYS says, esta bien after like every sentence. And he says “pero, si! Okay maybe they don’t seem funny but take my word for it!  But ya, yesterday after the reunion, went went and picked up lunch – I had some pasta!  I had that and ham yesterday to eat!  This is my problem  with eating here—I’d rather have an empty stomach than to have all that grease in me and feel sick!

27 Julio 2014

Being here in Catamarca, hearing so many different life stories and conversion stories really makes me think how much of a blessing this gospel is.  I mean, a lot of people here weren’t born and raised in the gospel – in fact, most of them weren’t.  People here were looking for some way to better their lives, some way to, in some cases, find their purpose in life.  A lot of these people aren’t just teenagers either.  Makes me think this gospel literally is for everyone.  I love Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 which says “the worth of the souls is great in the sight of God.”  That includes the life of the person you dislike most.  Their life, their goals, their needs matter to God.  In fact, Heavenly Father loves them just as much as he loves you-and that’s a lot.  I challenge y’all to remember that this week.  I know it’s hard, but we want to become more like Christ, right?  We need to turn outward to love and service and charity when it’s so east for the natural man to turn inward. 

Today is Sunday!  I love Sundays.  Tomorrow we are going to take it easy because every p-day we are so busy.  Tomorrow I definitely think we are going to take a nap!  Holla Big Balla!  The people here are really super Catholic and a lot of people like our presence here but aren’t looking to be baptized.  It’s been kinda frustrating.  I prayed all day yesterday to let us find at least one person we could teach.  It was almost the end of the night and we found a menos active house so we clapped (which is what you do instead of knock) and the menos active didn’t live there, but a different family did and there’s an old lady there named Erika and we have a lesson with her on Tuesday.  I’m so excited! Tender mercy of H.F.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Alejandro finally! That’s not even the best part!  We had two members in the lesson with us-Angel and Javier. Javier’s like 29 and Angel is in his early 30’s.  Anyways, the lesson was going really well, the spirit was really strong, and I felt like I needed to ask him if he would be baptized- HE SAID YES!  He’s getting baptized August 15.  Legitly I am so excited!  The two members who were in the lesson really helped a lot with bringing in the spirit.  It’s my first baptism and my first invitation!

The lesson was supposed to start at 8am, but it Alejandro didn’t show up until about 850 am. In the mean time, I was talking to Angel and he was telling me he wasn’t always active and told me about how he has two kids and is now divorced—and he told me how things are really bad right now and he said he suffers for his kids.  He wants the best for them and he’s trying his best. I told him “Angel, I’m speaking from experience and clearly I don’t know your whole situation.  But I throughout my whole life, when my dad left, etc, my mom was always there.  She did the best she could and it was enough.  Angel, I feel like that’s the same for your kids.  You are such a good dad.  You love them so much and you wnt them to be so happy.  Altough things are happening with their mom, they have a dad who will always be there for them.”  I said some other things and he started crying, telling me thank you so much and telling me he needed this.  It’s so cool to be able to help people like that.  I told him I don’t know why he’s been given this trieal, ut I know everything is going to make sense sooner or later. MIGHT I ADD I SAID ALL OF THIS IN SPANISH!  I also told him that I  was blessed with the dad I have now, Gary.  And now I’m sealed with my whole family for eternity.  I told him that  HF is so  aware of him and just like Angel wants the best for his 2 little kids, HF wants the best for Angel because Angel is so special to him.  CAN I JUST TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY?!  I love it.

Dario! Recent Covert! Coolest Guy Ever!!
Sometimes I like to take aloe vera leaves from a plant and make a face mask :)

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