Monday, July 14, 2014

"Life is Like a Math Problem"

July 14, 2014

We sent Kelby some questions that we wanted to make sure she addressed in this week’s email –she only has an hour to write an email and try to download pictures, and often time she can’t tell us the details of her week.  Last week she wasn’t able to download pictures and this week she took a lot of the hour trying to figure out how to send us pics—and she finally figured it out! Her time was running out so she could only send us a few—but at least we got some!  

Some of the questions we sent to Kelbers:

1.     Have you been chased or bitten by a dog yet? I hope not! No, I haven’t been chased or bitten by a dog yet!!! The perros here are muy nice!! There are more dogs here than people haha.
2.     Do you like your missionary companion? I love her! She is amazing! 
How are you feeling physically (with your asthma, etc)? Physically I am feeling great!! My asthma doesn’t bother me here!
3.     Are you getting enough to eat?  I’ve been worried.  What have you been eating?  eating...hmm haha i eat a piece of chicken a day, members don't feed us in our area really but it´s okay!! except my clothes are getting too big haha no me gusta

Hola Hola Familia!!

Catamraca is so beautifull! I have some good pictures that ill have to obvi wait to send you because this computer doesn’t accept my adapter. The place I live in is called a pension in a Spanish accent and it has not a normal toilet, not anything lie I expected and we wear shoes everywhere because there’s no carpet and hmm sometimes our water doesn’t like to turn on but hey that’s alright! Actually one of our investigators owns the building but he´s not really liking the church right now.
Argentina!! Yes they lost yesterday so we never ever bring them up and guess what? People thing I’m from Germany alllll the time and they don’t believe me when I say I’m from America haha. <I’ll walk down the streets and people just stare! And whistle and follow me with their eyes but luckily we have some good zone leaders and district leader who watch out for us so its really safe.
Im glad you had a fun time at the beach!! How fun did you get tan?? Or burned haha. :) Mitchell is 6 foot?? What the gina!!! Wow mom you and your Spanish are doing great!! Wooooooowooooo hahaha durmiendo, got the conjugation right and everything!

Mitchell you are looking good how was efy and what not??! Dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!!! I made a recording but it won’t send but know that I’m going to be thinking about you and I love you soooo much!!! And you can open my card on Saturday tambien:) what are you going to do on Saturday??
8 Julio 2014
today is...martes! I think. If martes is Tuesday then I’m right. Today should be a good day! One scripture I studied today was 2 nefi 2:23. It talks about Adam and eve and their partaking of the fruit - if they didn’t eat it they wouldn’t have been able to know joy - because they wouldn’t know what misery felt like. I’m out here in Argentina and everything down to the toilets is new to me and so foreign. I love it here and sometimes it is a struggle. But if I don’t go through this change, if I was just automatically perfectly transitioned,  wouldn’t be able to feel as much joy from this experience. I think Mr. Ortiz, my old math teacher said, ¨"life is like a math problem. When you’re given a math problem and you don’t know how to do it, but you try anyways and you find every wrong possible way of doing it, there will come a time where you find out the right way and you’ll never have to turn back." it reminds me so much of life. Think of your new things you have to tackle in life. Mine is my mission. Being a missionary. I have made mistakes in lessons of gibing the wrong scriptures as commitments and other mistakes. But through these mistakes, I can perfect my weaknesses. Brother Ruche always told me, good better best. Never let it rest until your good becomes better and your better is best. I don’t like to look at mistakes as failures because I think I live, I learn and I grow and my mistakes can become some of my biggest strengths in life if I really want them to and if I really have the desire to make them become that way.
8 Julio 2014
Today was a hard day. I got sad about not being able to speak Spanish perfectly and went in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and said öutloud to myself seriously but like a whisper outloud haha and said  "Who’s your mom? Kim.  And I said it a few times to myself and then I said, "can Kim do hard things? Yes. So can I.  So don’t judge me. That’s probably weird hahaha but it helped me so hey:)
We had lunch today with Hermana Martinez a member in our ward but she didn’t actually eat with us she ate in another room and she gave us this food but seriously I ate some but got to the point where I felt so sick and couldn’t eat anymore and she walks in and says something in Spanish that meant, is my food ugly? and I didn’t know what she said so I was like, ya ya of course!! And she got real sad and my comp had to explain to her that I didn’t understand and then Hna Martinez walked out and Hermana Rivera was like, eat your food! I said no puedo!! So she took 3/4 of my food and she said I had to eat the rest but I literally had to say a prayer so would be able to eat the rest of my food hahha. I ate it by the way!
11 Julio 2014
Is it bad I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs? At first it was because I didn’t have alot of time to shower now its become lie a contest to see how long I can go without shaving my legs hahah. I think its been somewhere around a month or 2.
We went to a recent converts house Jorge and he made me eat a laxative Hahira why I have no idea but he ate it lie candy and luckily it hasn’t done anything to me yet so I’m safe for now :)
As for our baptism on Saturday, Alejandro, he is so amazing. He has such a hard life but he wants so bad to do the right thing. His mom just died and he’s in his 30s and his brother s are alcoholics and he doesn’t get a lot of support with this and this decision is purely because he wants to change his own life. I am so proud of him and so excited for him tambien :) ether 12:27 is still my favorite scripture. It applies literally to everything in life and I read it every morning.

Okay one more experience then I have to send this off because of time. yesterday we were at a members house with 2 other Hermanas’ and I was cutting some kind of pig part haha I didnt ask what it was but I was cutting it and literallly the knife breaks in half, like how? I have no clue but my face was so red and I felt so bad! And the mom says, oh it's okay! Pulls out another broken knife, we had another elder break a knife too! Except he was trying to butter his toast hahahhaa. So that was interesting. :) :) I will do great things.

Okay everyone, thank you for all of your love and support!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for every one of you. And sorry about the pictures, this computer is in Spanish and I have no idea how to work it hahaha ill try to ask one of the elders to come here and help me next week. They’re from all over the place! Honduras, Peru, Chile, Otras Paices.  I love you so much everyone.

P.S.I learned some cool frases de español! Like chango.  Chango is super slang for dude but we only use it on p days when we are with other missionaries J

OOkay chow everyone, i love you! You are in my heart.

Hermana Romeril:)

On the way to Argentina!

Cordoba temple site with my companion

Me in my pension  :)

It was freezing today!!

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