Monday, July 7, 2014

I scored a GOAL….for the OPPOSITE team!

July 7, 2014

Note: Kelby will write her letters in an internet cafe every week.  She said that the computers didn't have an SD card insert--so she couldn't send any pictures this week :/ Her MTC companion, Sister Wooley has a blog so I was able to download a couple of the pics her mom posted :)

I´m going to do something a little different. I’m going to write to you all in days and what not does that make sense? You´ll see what I’m talking about. First off, I’m in Argentina!! Second, for p-day my zone played soccer but I was the only girl playing because my companion felt sick so we had 3 teams going and  the enders on my team were all from here, entonces, they were really good at soccer. But guess what!! i SCORED a goal! But...for the opposite team! But the Elders in my team were so proud of me just for making some kind of goal hahaha. They all yell GOALLLLL. And I felt a little bit cool. Another thing, when you think I would put a smiley face somewhere, please insert one porque I don´t know how to use this Spanish keyboard and all the letters are all wiped off - it´s a miracle I’ve gotten thus far!! 

I’m glad you had a lovely 4th! It just felt like another day to me, I had to not think about what you all were doing so I wouldn´t get sad!! I miss you all so much but I just have to keep reminding myself why I´m out here ya know? The blue man group concert sounds SO fun oh my heck!! I loved the pictures, mom you’re looking really good!! MOM and Kaitlyn, I have a surprise for you and Ill send it as soon as I find out my address, I hope you both like it!! How is San Clemente?!!! Or are you home? How was it if so?? Mom you’re so amazing and strong, I look up to you so much. I keep a picture of our family in my scriptures and take it with me everywhere I go, that way I always have you with me no matter how far apart in distance we are. Dad helped me so much when I was sad (just before I flew to Argentina), and you did too. I love you both so much, I think about yall all the time. seriously. I love you all. Mitchell how are you? I finished your letter and am going o send it off this week! Its way long so, sorry haha but i hope you like it!! Dad I’m trying to save my pesos because I have something I want to get you but it’s a surprise so >I can’t say anything about it!!  Your emails crack me up omg I love you so much. They also make me cry, just cuz I love you so much. Thank you. I printed the emails and I’m going to keep them in my binder of letters I made in the mtc!! Vegas sounds like it was a blast!!!! Work hard play hard haha Mormon style! Mom how are you feeling about school now? I keep you all in my prayers every every day and morning. I love you all. Keep me posted on Canada I wannna hear about it!!

1 Julio 2014
I´m in Argentina!! My flight left yesterday night at 9 and we arrived in Buenos Aires at like, 730 this morning. I definitely haven’t showered in 2 days and I wasn’t able to brush my teeth this morning until just now because I forgot that I put my toothbrush and toothpaste in my jacket pocket...ask me how sad I was!! I was real sad and was resisting the temptation to be my grumpy self when I´m tired, pero, esta bien! I´m in Argentina and I LOVE IT. Right now, I’m in an airplane and we are all on our way to Cordoba! When we were in the little authentic airport from Buenos Aires the world cup was going on! We were about to go check our bags in when Argentina scored a goal and there were probably 50 people that were surrounding this little TV and when they scored, everyone went from calm to soo excited and lout, jumping up and down screaming because messi is el mejor!!
2 Julio 2014
I’m in Argentina!! I just got my new companion, her name is Hermana Rivera and she’s from Santiago Chile and I’m going to be her last companion in the mish! She only has 3 more months left here!! My first area is Catamarca. To be honest I’m terrified. I know the language will come with diligence but its so hard not being able to understand anyone. Kinda lonely. Everyone speaks so fast and when I reply my Spanish is so broken. I just got dropped off at the bus station and we have a 6-hour bus ride from Cordoba to Catamarca and sitting here in a place I don’t know is making me have to really rely on HF. I carry my dictionary with me everywhere I go! Mi mejor amigo.
4 Julio 2014
Yesterday was amazing! The first half of the day we study and then we go out and get lunch. There’s a recent convert named Jorge who gets lunch for us everyday. Its kinda like a soup kitchen and you take it home and eat it. That’s pretty much the only thing I eat all day. No it is the only thing I eat all day. He was my first lesson in Argentina and we walked into his home and front room was probably as big as a bathroom in the US and had the bare minimum necessities, sink, small stove that has wheels and rolls. He just got a new clothes washer and he’s been saving up his money for that for years. We walked into his house and there were little flies buzzing all around his kitchen and you know what, the thing s we take for granted in the states are things that people here only dream of having. Dishwashers, working toilets and stoves and refrigerators. He calls us his angels - he says we saved his life by teaching him. Our other investigator is named evita. I love her. She’s a menos activo and I love talking with her. She’s probably is 60-65 years and she owns her own business of selling gas for homes. Business has been really slow for her and she told us that when she started allowing us to come visit her, there were customers. We teach her in her shop and every time we come, there are multiple customers and she says that never happens. She knows the temple in Cordoba is being built but she can’t go though because she doesn’t pay diezmo. She feels like she cant pay it because she doesn’t have a lot of income coming n pero. When we come she has business so she wants us to keep coming hahaha. Fine with me! I felt like I needed to share Ether 12 27 with her, she has a really hard life with her mom. She’s literally on her death bed so evita takes care of her everyday and it’s hard for her to come to church so I had her read that scripture, actually is was ether 12 6 and she finished it and I said something about it and she just started to cry and guess what? My Spanish is so broken and far from perfect, but with the hand of God, people can be touched. I am so grateful to have HF with me because there is no way any of this could happen without Him. Then she asked me to say the closing prayer and I said things in it abut her family and asked Him to bless them With peace and comfort and stuff like that and >I got finished with there prayer and she was crying again and we left and before we did, she kissed both of my cheeks and we left and my comp told me I won her love, because people only kiss both cheeks when they really love and respect someone. Made me feel really good.

Okay other thing from this week. We were teaching a guy named Julio and he’s a recent convert as well and after the lesson hna rivera asked him, what do you think of my companion? He’s probably 70 and l0oks at me and says with a so straight face, I want her to be my companion. But not for a mission, for eternity and smiles at me and it was so funny. People aren’t used to Americans!

There's so much to say and so little time! Okay one more thought. No 1. WE HAVE a baptismal date!!! My first one!!!!!!!! On 19 Julio and it’s also dad’s bday so happy birthday dad! When you’re celebrating I’ll be baptizing! Well not me because that’s not allowed, but an elder will be baptizing!! Second- the food here is...alright! They love empanadas! The members don’t feed us much here, which is okay. I normally just eat a piece of chicken a day and drink water. I prob eat like 400 calories a day max haha my clothes are getting loose we can say that much.

AHHH I wish I could write more.  After this journal is done ill send it home so you can read my experiences first hand!!! I love you all so much and thank you so much for all o f your support and love, until next week!!!

Hna Romeril!!

Hotel room Kelby stayed at the first night in Argentina.  Her bed is the middle, the messiest!

Kelby on the plane headed to Argentina!

Kelby and some missionaries :)

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