Saturday, September 13, 2014

My focus on my mission is to become more like Christ..

Week of September 8th.

Hola! This week has been really good actually! I've been running every single morning and each morning we run to a new house. I've been running with hermana Brown and I like having someone there every morning that motivates me to work out.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Pablo the one who is getting baptized on the 20th if he can quit smoking. We had a member with us, hermano Ortiz. We walked into Pablo's house and it smelled so bad of cigarettes – I walked in and almost had to use my inhaler… That's how strong it was! But we finished the lesson and we experienced a really weird situation with him – (something I don't want on the blog). Needless to say I am glad that we had Hermano Ortiz with us. The lessons that we have with Pablo from now on will be held at the church. After we left we had to go home and wash our clothes because we smelled so bad like deep smoke. We had to come home and shower because the smoke was so strong on us. I feel bad for Pablo I really do. The only thing I can think to do is pray for him and keep doing our part by teaching him. Even though the situation was kind of scary, I didn't feel afraid of him. The only thing I could think of was Jesus Christ. I kept envisioning that picture of Jesus Christ carrying that last sheep on his shoulders. He went to go back to save that one lost sheep back into the fold. And he would do that exact same thing for Pablo. He to sacrifice everything to help Pablo. My focus on my mission is to become more like Christ – in Christ would be that missionary who loved Pablo aside from his differences.

This week we also visited one of our new investigators, Ramon. We had a good lesson with him. He told us about his life and his religion – he's Catholic – but the funny thing was at the beginning of the lesson he told us he didn't want to change his religion and said he knew his religion was the right one, and then later in the lesson he kind of paused and looked at me and said "hermana, what's your opinion of my religion? Do you think it's true?"  I told him there's a lot of truth said his religion – but I told him I've prayed to know which church is true, and I encourage you to do the same. 

One day this week we had a lot of studying to do – like training, language, etc.  We started our studies at 8 o'clock and finished at 1 o'clock for lunch.  In between studies I put my clothes in the washer, and after studies I looked into the kitchen and the floor was filled with water from the washer in the washer clearly was broken. Hermana Brown was helping me clean up all of the water and then we had washed my clothes and hung them up and cleaned up the water – our pension is on the eighth floor and I threw out a cup of water trying to hit the sidewalk and accidentally hit a dog… I didn't realize there was a house down there and the owner came out wondering how in the heck his dog got wet. Needless to say we ended up dumping the rest of the water down the sink like we should've been doing in the first place ha Ha. 

So I'm not going to go into much detail, but they're up in a couple of situations that have been hard with my companion. Yesterday I was really frustrated but I prayed and asked for heavenly father's help to love my companion because I knew I didn't want to live these last two weeks --she only has two weeks left on her mission --like I did the day before--which was a really hard day. Heavenly father did help me to love her and I realize that being mad about it wouldn't help. And I her favorite person in the world? I don't think so – but at the same time I still love her – and she's still my companion. Just like D&C 64:9-11 says… If I expect heavenly father to forgive me and all my imperfections, I need to forgive other people. But anyways we talked about yesterday and I have faith it'll be okay. After we figured everything out we had Javier, one of the members of the ambato  ward came with us for two lessons. They were both de diez. When was Louise, and new investigator and we were able to get to know him a little bit better. He's really funny! He can't actually understand my American accent very well so he just kind of laughs when I speak because he can't understand – and then Javier  repeats what I say so he can understand! My Spanish is getting better – I mean no it's not perfect but I can feel it improving! More people can understand me, I can understand more people – grand really!! Pretty much everybody can understand my accent except for --like older people. Like 60+!  One thing I really need to work on is speaking Spanish more. It's really easy to speak English with other missionaries from the states, but if I do that a lot, my Spanish won't to improve. I have the rest of my life after my mission to speak English! I can definitely speak it here for 14 more months!

Mitch!Hey bud!! I just wanted you to know how much I love you. I talk about you frequently and how you´re my best friend and the hermanas in my apartment even call you Mitch haha. But I hope you know that even though I´m out here in Argentina, I´m still here with you. Not literally, but you´re in my thoughts and prayers I think more than you know it.  Sometimes in high school things get hard, and believe me when I say I wish I could be there with you to talk to you, but I know that you are so strong, and I know that you are strong enough to handle any kind of adversity that comes your way. I´m so lucky to have you as my brother and best friend. One thing I´ve really come to appreciate more and more on my mission is our family. Because, friends come and go and other people in our lives come and go, but one thing that will always be constant is our family. We´re together for eternity :) With that said, 14 more months is nothing when compared to eternity!! :) Know that I love you and I think you´re amazing, and I will never ever forget you! I think about you on the daily, yo :) Have a great week, make sure to say your prayers every night!! 

One last thing.. you asked if i was getting used to the food..haha well we don´t eat with members anymore but well we do every tuesday and so ya it´s good I don´t get super sick from it anymore!! i´m pretty nervous to get a different companion. I´m nervous to have to start the whole getting to know them thing over again! I hope it´ll be okay! It will be okay :) But we didn´t have time to print emails today because we had to be at the terminal to take a colectivo at like, 7 am and got back at 2 our time so I´ll print it next week and write back to next weeks email and this weeks :) I love you allllll and i miss you all :) 

Me and Hermana Carrasco

This is the lady that I accidentally told her that her food is ugly! 
Missionary behind bars!


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