Monday, September 22, 2014

I Got Transferred to San Francisco, Argentina!

 Hola Familia! P-day was really good last week. We went to the district to a plaza/park and had a great picnic! We kind of were just all in charge of our own food. I got a ham sandwich and some strawberries! It was fun, and then randomly this huge dance company got on the stage at the plaza and started practicing for a show or something. Their music was in English! It was really cool actually. After that we went and wrote emails and then came back and we slept for 30 minutes... it was a good day. We then woke up and got our missionary clothes back on and got to work! We visited a lot of people, and a lot of people were unavailable. We have a lesson this morning with the new investigator, Lucy. She is the Catholic who I don't think has any interest… But I guess we'll see! I taught the lesson and I think it went well. Before our district meeting we had one of those interviews with Elder Ruiz  – it was really sad. I almost cried/almost! Elder Ruiz  almost did too. It was a sad day. 
This Friday was interesting! We had  Pablo's baptism all set– We planned it all out and we called him yesterday to make sure he didn't smoke… And he told me he smoked a cigarette today… So he can't get baptized. These past few days have been stressful. We been stressing over a ton about making sure Pablo doesn't smoke. But if he can quit smoking he can be baptized next week. On Wednesday I have an interview with Elder Ruiz like I wrote about and he told me I look more like a missionary because I'm starting to get bags under my eyes ha ha. 

Oh! I can't believe I didn't even write about this. Who am I? Tuesday night was so funny we were all doing our daily planning and we heard hermana Carrasco scream and she told me "America! Venid. Va a morir." So I come in I died a little bit inside. Why you might ask? There was a huge spider – Iike a Triantula spider!! Holy freak! it was up on the wall almost on the ceiling. So we were trying to figure out how we were going to kill it. We tried throwing balls at it to kill it, but we all have really bad Aim and the spider went nowhere.  We decided it might be good to hairspray it down to the wall, but it was super windy outside so we told hermana brown to shut the window but she didn't and just sprayed it. so because of the wind when she sprayed it, the spider went airborne and fell into hermana carrascos stuff!  She was so mad at hermana brown she called her "friking Tonta!" Which means freaking stupid or idiot. Anyways, we were all still freaking out and it was like 1015 at night and hermana car. Said we have to get somebody to kill the spider. So she and I went to go look for the custodial guy and we couldn't find him so we went to go look for someone who looked like they could conquer this spider. I told her "I feel weird if we just have some random guy cleaning up the spider in our pension, so I was like maybe we should go look for a police because they aren't just random people." So hermana Carrasco went and asked this family if they knew where any police were and they didn't know. So we both, in our pajamas, went looking for a police to kill our spider. We found no one so we went to go looking for a police in a few different streets… found no one. We came back to the pension and hermana car asks the guy we saw in front of the building if he could kill our spider and he was laughing, asking us if we were really looking for police to kill the spider. We told him yes we are really serious so he came and killed the spider and turns out he was a less active member! Who would've thunk!? 

Last thing ...I got transferred! Honestly I'm super nervous. I'm nervous to be in a whole new place with a whole new companion but my companion is really nice. She is from Mexico and her name is hermana Amaya and she's been on her mission for 11 months. My new area is San Francisco Argentina!  In our zone we only have 12 missionaries --4 sisters and 8 elders so we're pretty small here. Our apartment is huge! My closet is so huge and we have a piano in the apartment! I'm learning how to play by the way :-) it's really pretty here, and it's really new. It's good to have a fresh start, just got to get used to everything here and not be scared. I'm almost excited, a little overwhelmed. I was very sad to leave Catamarca. I miss my companion… We had rough times but she was always there for me and we got really close. I'm excited to kind of start all over again though. 

I love you all and pray for you. You're always in my heart, seriously.

Love hermana Romeril 

 Familia Barrone!

                                                   One of our investigator families

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