Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Week in San Fancisco!

Well, I’m in San Francisco!  My companion is Hermana Amaya and she’s from Mexico.  She has 11 months in the mission.  She runs every morning, gets up exactlyat 630am, turns off the lights exactly at 1030 pm, starts studying exactly at 800am.  She is super disciplined and I am so grateful for that!  Seriously.  It makes me feel so happy and productive and exactly obedient!  I really like her.  I have a feeling we are going to have a really good transfer!  Yesterday we visited our ward mission leader.  Hermano Lorenzo, to figure out lunches for October.  In our ward the missionaries are me and my companion and then our district leader, Elder Blotter and Elder Toledo.  We have lunch every single day!  Our mission leader said “You’re like my kids.  I have to make sure you’re taken care of!  I’m very grateful for him, and my companion, and Heavenly Father.  This morning was really hard to get up because I knew we had to run—so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me get up and have the energy…and it worked!!!  One of the members from Catmarca, Javier, put some piano guys music on my pen drive so I listed to that while I got ready.  I loved this morning!  I love listening to music!  Sorry, I’m just really happy!!  Anyways, we were riding bikes in this area and guess what?!  My bike is pink!!! I’m so serious, it is so AWESOME!

So yesterday was really hard.  We rode bikes the second half of the day and we were on our way home and the house we were at was 3 or 4 miles away from the apartment.  The beginning of the bike ride was good, then 1 mile into it I got so tireed. We’d been walking and riding bikes all day (this area is so much bigger than my last area).  I literally felt like I couldn’t go anymore.  My companion was way ahead of me and I was so tired.  My legs were hurting so bad.  I prayed to HF and I think that was the most desperate prayer I have ever said.  After I said the prayed I really wanted to give up, get off the bike and start walking.  In that moment, I could almost feel someone just pushing my bike, helping me along the way.  My legs stopped being tired, my breathing got lighter, and I was able to keep going until we got home.  Seriously it was the coolest thing I have ever experienced. Really, when we’re doing our best, and when we go to HF when we can’t think we can go any further, He will make up for the rest.  He doesn’t expect us to do everything on our own-nor do we have to.

We have about 200 referencias (referrals) and we started contacting them and so many of them don’t want anything to do with us.  A lot of doors were shut in our face today.  There was a lady named Elena that we talked to and right when she saw us she’s said “NO! I don’t want anything to do with you guys.” I said “Oh, it’s only an invitation.” After I said that she gave us a disguisted look and she said “I know who you are. No I don’t want anything to do with you.” After that I was ready to leave but Hna Amaya just kept talking to her.  Amaya is the best.  When we were planning our day today she said “Do you want to do something crazy, something different?” So when we knocked on doors we talked wit hthe people and sang a hymn to them!  It was actually so fun.  I love my comp. She is so spiritual and fun..and super positive.  I’m teaching her English words—she already knows a little English from other companions. But seriously I am so grateful for her. We just click.  It’s just me and my companion in the pension.  We don’t have anyone else living with us which is nice—not as many distractions and we are more focused on the work.  I miss Catamarca.  Catamarca will always hold such a special, special place in my heart.  This is a new chapter of my mission. 

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