Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hermana Romeril's Update 10/13 & 10/20

Hola! Today is going to be a busy day. Hopefully a good one too. We're sitting in the chapel, eating lunch that Hermana Fino, A member in the ward made. It's this rice, with herbs and lemon and some chicken! She is such a good cook, we've only had lunch with her one other time and last time we had grilled chicken with grilled onions. I didn't eat the onions though – surprised?

Hola! Today was a good one. We started off with our district meeting and then we had lunch with the Roldan family--The daughter of President Perusia. They are seriously so awesome. We had the salad stuff for lunch with green olives and I ate everything except the green olives and Hermana Perusia said "you don't like olives?" I said to be honest I don't… And she said… I remember you told me you're trying to grow your hair out – this helps it grow. So I ate all of the olives and afterword they were talking about how it wasn't really real. They just wanted to see if I would eat olives. So… I did!

Yesterday night was really good we had a fireside with all the youth – we actually had a fire pit! The four missionary shared our conversion story and after we sing a song that was in Spanish. elder Toledo and Hermana Amaya did great! Elder blotter and I were just trying to figure out how to pronounce all the words! Ha. Plus other blotter was sick so he sounded a little bit like he was hitting the highest point of puberty! But the whole night was really good. Spiritual. With mosquitoes. A lot of them!

So two days ago we went to contact a reference and the reference wasn't there, but his dad pulled up to visit him and he started talking to us and asked us where we were from. Hermana Amaya told him she was from Mexico and they started talking about Mexico and how cool it was and what not. And then he asked me where I was from and I set the United States and he said why don't you go back to your own country and serve? Why do you think we want someone from your country here preaching God's word? And then he continued for a while and said, do you think we are that much more inferior you can come here and preach? Yeah, I don't think he liked me too much. It's sad that people have to be like that but what can you do? We are having little success in finding people. A lot of people want to listen but not let us come visit them again.

Every day I learn more about who God is and the value this church has. People ask me why am on my mission and I told him because I've been blessed to have my family for eternity and I want other people to have there's forever too. The mission is crazy, the events you have in your life don't just go away… They are more emphasized. I don't even know if that makes sense. But to answer your questions no I haven't been sick lately! We run every single morning except Sundays.  And yeah! I'm getting faster! In my ward it's actually a branch… But an average of 60 people come every week. My favorite part of my day is the evening when we visit people and teach them and get to know them. I love my calling! I haven't gotten your package… I will one day :-)i'm so excited to get it.

I want to give a shout out to Jessica for the email! And grandma Romeril for the card! I love you both so much. My family is my motivation to keep going :) thank you all for everything you do… Have the best week ever! Seriously :-)

You were all in my heart, Hermana Romeril 

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