Monday, April 27, 2015

Update Week of April 20th

Hello family!!

So, I will update you on my health firstly. So, my stomach problem has gotten a lot a lot better,. And I´m not just eating jello and rice anymore, I have been adding things in and this week when I was working at the temple I saw Hermana Alliaud and she told me I have to start eating more things, that I can eat everything except fried things, junk food kinda things. So this week I´ve been eating fruits, protein, yogurt, all that stuff and I havent had any problems at all, and I haven´t had problems with my stomach, it doesn´t bother me at all. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get things checked out and then yesterday morning I went and they took some of my blood and they´re going to check it out to see if everything is okay, and tomorrow they should be sending me an email with the results. So when I get them, I will let you know how they go, they should be coming through email. If they dont come this week, they will be here next Friday. But I really feel like Heavenly Father is blessing me right now. It´s really a miracle that I´ve been able to feel so much better and I haven´t had to take that medicine. I knew that not taking that stuff would be a good idea. But really really, I am doing so so much better. I feel a lot better, I have a cold right now, but really apart from that I´m doing well. I know that it´s hard being over there in the states and me being here in Argentina and me having these problems, and I know probably as parents it´s not fun to hear these things. And I´m sorry I always say I´m okay and sometimes I´m not feeling well, I just don´t want to worry you guys. I think I just have faith that everything is going to be okay. I think it´s probably hard for you guys because you get one update a week, and it´s either good news or bad news and you can´t ask questions that you need to quickly. But I want you to know that I feel a lot better. I´m okay, I promise. But I will keep you notified. Ask me instead of hermana Alliaud though, I will answer the questions you have. I´m sorry for putting you guys through this stress, I love you guys so much, and this is the last thing I wanted to put you all through. 
So, mom I hope you had the best birthday EVER!! I´m glad that the email went through to you, I wanted to send you something on your special day!! :) I´m glad the Vazquez family did too :) They´re amazing. Hermana Vazquez always washes our clothes and always invites us to her house, so she´s way awesome! You are beautiful seriously. Happy birthday :) :) I still want to try to send you the recording i made for you, but I don´t have my recorder with me right now, but I will try it on Monday :) 

So the temple this week was AMAZING! We worked a lot, 3 days straight for 12 hours straight! Let´s just say that my companion and I are beat! And also really excited to be back in Jesus Maria :)i e had transfers this week, and I´ll be staying with my companion fir 6 more weeks!! I´ll finish up her training :) I love her seriously, she is such a sincere, kind hearted person and she´s a great leader. Her potential is really really high, and I feel honored that God trusted me with her. Her spanish is also coming along really really well. People that meet her are always impressed that she´s only been out here for 6 weeks. GO HERMANA WILSON! 

Our investigators are doing well, Alejandra, Rut, ELena, and Joel didn´t make it this week to church, but we´re really hoping that they´ll be able to make it tto church this Sunday. They just need to go already!! They´ll love it! 
This week I was able to see Hermana Morris and Hermana Woolley! They are both going to be trainers, they are way excited :) :) I´m also really excited for them, they´ll be great :) Dang Mitch is going ot be on his mission really soon, the time comes very quickly!! 
But, I´m going to end this so I can send some pictures to you guys, again, I´m sorry for worrying you all back there. I´m being honest when I say rhat I have improved so so much. It´s really miraculous. I love you all and daddy, I hope you feel better. Keep on keepin on familia :) 

Hermana romeril

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