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Update from Hermana Romeril 4-18-2015

Chillin' in the collective

Me and my compi!

I love her!
Hello family!! :) I hope all is going well up there in H TOWN!! We had to write home a little bit later tonight because we were in Córdoba all day receiving some instructions because all of the Hermanas are going to work at the temple Open House!! And guess what?!? President Uchtdorf is going to be coming up for the dedication on May 17 and we´ll be able to meet him!! I`m so pumped up excited!! 
This week was, well, way interesting. We had the Sister Training Leaders come visit us on Tuesday but I had to stay inside all day with one of them because we had to go to the doctor and stuff and figure out what’s wrong with my stomach. We went to just a public hospital here and we went to a doctor and asked what´s been going on and I told him like barely anything when he cut me off and was like, you know´s because you´re stressed out. So your body is reacting this way. So he gave me 2 different pills to take and then after we went and bought them but I got home and the Hermanas left and I really didn´t feel good about taking these pills. At all. So I haven´t taken any of them yet. But the Elders did give me a blessing. And I talked to Hermana Alliaud and my companion and we decided that there´s not really a way it could be just from stress. But this week I think I´m going to go to the doctor in Cordoba... I´m still eating only rice and jello everyday. I think my immune system is just really sucky right now too, I had a fever on Saturday and Sunday. But it´s gone now, I spent a lot of the week in the house. I felt kinda discouraged, because all of this keeps being a problem. But yeah, I know I just need to trust in God, let Him know I´m here to do whatever he needs me to do. 
When we could leave the house this week, we started teaching a really amazing family. 2 families. One of the families have like 8 in their family, but we´ve only gotten to know 3 of them. They said they feel really good when we´re there in their house teaching and talking about the gospel. We´ve taught Rut, Ruth in english, Alejandra, and Elena. Elena is Alejandra´s grandma and Rut is Alejandra´s daughter. So we have another appointment with them this week, and we´re pretty excited for them. The other family we´re teaching is Serafina and Jorge. Serafina is Jorge´s mom. She´s an old abuelita I think she´s like 87 years old. Jorge is probably 47 years old and he´s blind. But we´ve been teaching them and seriously they are so amazing. The elders gave Jorge a blessing this week and it was really cool to see how comforted Jorge was. He has some health problems and after he got his blessing he told us he felt different and felt good, happy. And even before we could invite Jorge and Serafina to come to church this week, they committed themselves to go to church! Told us that they wanted to come. And then they gave us a referral to go visit this lady that was sick so we could say a prayer for her and teach her. We went and visited her and she received us immediately and we talked to her and the Elders are going to go give her a blessing too when we have our appointment this week on Wednesday I think it is. The priesthood is so awesome can I just tell you all? I´m so grateful that Mitchell and Dad have it. Seriously man. But also, when we were on companionship exchanges with the sister training leaders, my companion went and visited Cristina Lucero, who was going to be baptized on April 4th but couldn´t because she had to miss church because she was going to be in Córdoba. And Crisitna told my companion that she´s been thinking she needs to make some kind of change in her life, and she said that she feels like this gospel is really what she´s needing right now, and that she feels ready to progress. So that was really relieving. We thought we lost Cristina. But no, I think she could be ready to be baptized! The Elders also had an investigator, Marina, in the church this week! She´s so cute! She´s pregnant and she was talking to me for a little bit and she told me how she was catholic but she´s not catholic anymore, she wants to be baptized and keep coming to church. So that was really awesome to hear that. 
Yesterday we had a different kind of district meeting. Oh we always have our district meetings here on Sundays. So we went and Elder Koboldt decided we were going to talk about how we are going to find new investigators. We started doing practices, and Elder Barrett had the idea of calling a bunch of investigators that they had in their phone who were from both the elders´ area and ours. So we called them and I talked to this guy and he said, What are you going to invite me to do? What´s in it for me? What do I have to do? And I said, we invite you to be baptized by someone who has the authority of God, and he said, okay! I´ll do that. We were all like, BUENO! He lives in the Elders´ area so they´ll be going to visit them this week :) 
But yeah, this week was really good all in all. I guess you just gotta look at the good things that happen in everything. Thank you for sending the SD card seriously!! And about the pictures I Can actually go ahead and print them, I found a good way to do it, thank you so much for sending them all to me, they are exactly what I needed!!! :) You´re the best in the west!! ;)
Mitch, you´re awesome I love you man. I miss you and I miss talking to you! Ya vamos a poder hacerlo en solo 7 meses :)
Hey and I think my exact return date is November 15 so it´s coming up!! Thank you for al your support you guys, I am so grateful for each of you, I can feel your love even out here in Argentina, Never forget how much I love you all. Thank you for everything and I hope yáll have an amazing week :)

Hermana Romeril

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