Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week of May 4, 2015

Hello Familia!!! 

So, to start off with, I´m not super sure what time we will be skyping you on Sunday, but my companion and I are trying to figure it our with some members so we can uset heir computer. But we will let yáll know asap :) We´ll probably let you know on Wednesday or Thursday :) I´m so excited to talk to you guys!!!! :) ;) 

So, this week was pretty good, we went to the temple to work there and we were there for 3 days!! Hermana Wilson and I were so dang tired and by Saturday night we just wanted to be home! My voice was gone from my cold and talking so much so people could barely understand me. Hahaha. It was interesting. We traveled home and then we got home and the Elders were waiting for us with a sign that said Sisters on it. Hahaha. Then we went to church and we had someone go who is going to get baptized this Saturday!! His name is Mauricio Vazquez. He´s the cousin of a member. He´s really awesome, he has stopped drinking and smoking I think and he´s super prepared after years of hearing about the gospel! :) We just have so much to teach him this week, and Elder Koboldt has to give him his baptismal interview. It´s been hard to teach him because we have been at the temple for a while these past couple weeks, so we have a lot to do this week. Can yo9u all keep him in your prayers? It was a miracle this week because his parents have never wanted to know about the church, they´ve always kinda rejected it. But this week when we were at the temple we asked the elders to go visit Mauricio, so they did but he wasn´t there, but his parents were. And they invited the Elders to come in and they talked to them and actually went to the church activity the ward had that night, so that was a huge miracle. It would be so great to see that whole family in white. We´re going to go visit them tonight, we have a Family Home evening with him and his aunt and uncle who are members! 

Thank you so much for sending me the SD card!! The day I got the card was the day I ran out of space on my other SD card. Miracle!! Thank you so much for the letter, too :) I really appreciated it. It´s on my desk  :) I hope you get my birthday card/letter soon too!! :) 

In my interview yesterday with my district leader, he talked to me about the importance of setting goals and doing it long term and short termed. I had set a bunch of goals with my trainer when I was with her and it was cool to go look back and see what I wrote, I{m completing a lot of my goals I put, so I{m really content. It´s interesting, I didn´t set goals like how many people I wanted to baptize, or how many investigators I wanted to find every week when I was in training and setting goals for my whole mission. I set a lot of personal goals that would help me become a better person, and it´s really amazing being able to see these goals being completed. Really with Heavenly Father´s help, we can do anything. So goals are good. Keep setting them :) 

Hey prom week sounded super fun!! I really enjoyed the pictures, thank you so much for sending them to me :) I´m glad you got to go hang out with Robyn and do some fun things, you deserve it :) 

My relationship with my companion is really good, a really healthy one. My goal is to serve her. Do little acts of service every day. So one day I made her breakfast, sometimes I´ll write little notes, I bought her some tic-tacs and wrote her a little thank you note. Little things like that. Service really is the best thing someone can do. It makes everyone feel good. Sometimes we get in disagreements, but they never really last a long time. She´s the kind of person who likes to talk about things and work thigns out, she doesn´t like contention and she is really good about talking about feelings. Something she´s helping me better at. I am really grateful for her. I feel like she´s the kind of friend I´ve needed my whole life, I just had to wait to get to Argentina to find her :) She´s really great, I´m excited for the day when yáll get to meet her. 

My favorite part of the mission is simply being a missionary! I am at a point in my life/mission where I feel happy with who I am. I enjoy being me, which is a cool feeling to feel. My companion has helped me realize that if I don´t love myself, it´s going to be really hard to love other people. So I´m happy with who I am, with my imperfections, my defaults, my talents, and I´m happy to be here in the mission. I love being able to talk to people and get to know them. I feel comfortable with the language, and with teaching the lessons, and basically it´s just getting to know people and helping them with whatever they need in life. I´ve been able to learn a lot about life, too. I´ve seen so many different people and so many different experiences and I´ve been able to see them from an outsider´s point of view, and feel guided in how to help them come closer to God, and along the way these life experiences of the people become my life experiences. I get to know how to deal with different types of problems in life. It´s amazing. But I just love everything about the mission right now. Love it. it´s a huge priviledge to be here as  amissionary. 

My health is good!! Finally :) My stomach doesn´t even bother me anymore, like at all. My cold is going away too, I just have a cough like I always do in the winter, it´s starting to get cold here! But everything is going well with that, I knew it would all be okay at some point, because Elder Koboldt gave me a blessing a couple weeks ago and in my blessing he told me that everything was going to be okay, that in a while my health would be perfectly fine and that I just needed to have patience. Patience and faith. Heavenly Father really helps us when we show faith in Him. So that´s good .) 

I hope you recieve your birthday card soon, Mom!! Sometimes the mail system can be really slow. And can you tell Grandma Romeril that no I havent received her card with money in it yet? I don´t have a lot of time to write her and tell her. 

But, thank you for everything. Estoy  muy agradecida tenerles en mi vida. Tan solo hay 6 meses más hasta que estoy en casa otra vez. No es mucho tiempo. Va a pasar muy rápido. Sepan que les amo mucho, y que ustedes son una parte en mi vida muy especial. Gracias por todo, hasta domingo!!! 

Hermana romeril 

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