Monday, May 25, 2015

Update May 25, 2015

So, this week was the best week we have had since I´ve been here in Jesus María. We found 20 new investigators and had 3 people in the church with a baptismal date!! The parents and sister of our recent convert, Mauricio Vasquez!! It was seriously a miracle. They´re all 3 going to be baptized on Saturday, the last day of transfers :) We are both way pumped!! It´ll be sad to leave my daughter of the mission, really these 2 transfers have flown by with her. We´ve found so many miracles here in Jesus María. I don´t really like change. It´s always sad to move companions and move areas, but iré y haré lo que el Señor me mande hacer. This is what I signed up for :) Jesus María is a wonderful and beautful place that I never want to leave. I would be more than happy to finish my mission here, but unfortuantely I don´t think that´s going to be happening!! 

I love my calling, and I can´t believe it´s all coming to an end. A way quick end. Before I know it, I´ll be on the plane on my way back to good ol´Hemet Cali!! 

Mom, good luck with the graduation planning!! I know it will be amazing and a beautful memory for everyone who goes!! :) It´s so weird I was at the MTC last year when you had graduation, it seems like time flies by so fast. Wow. And I can´t believe that Jess is already graduating and I´m super e3xcited about SHombree and her wedding!! Gah!! Do you know what her colors are? So she´s having her wedding on Friday, reception on Saturday, and my homecoming on Sunday (or you're trying to arrange it on that day) right? Wow a ton of stuff going on! Is some of the Finklea side going to be there? I´d love to see them!! 

Sorry this letter isn´t super long, I had to spend a little bit trying to fix the computer so I could send some pics, but know that I lvoe yáll so much! And I hope you have  great week, I´ll write more next week. But thank you for sending me the birthday message!! It was a great day. the people here did a good job of makin me feel loved :) We´ll talk next week! 
Hasta luego baby :) 

Hermana Romeril 

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