Sunday, June 7, 2015

I have been called as a Sister Training Leader :)

Hello dear family!!

So, I have some news!! I have been transfered from Jesus María to Nueva Córdoba and I am now a Sister Training Leader!! This is an email that President sent me, I´m way excited, nervous, all of the above!

President Alliaud

Queridas hermanas, 

Felicitaciones! Cómo ud. ya sabe ha sido llamada como una nueva hermana capacitadora en la misión durante este traslado. 

Esta es una posición de suma confianza en la que tendrán la sagrada responsabilidad de elevar las vidas de todas aquellas hermanas con quienes sean asignadas a trabajar. 

Ud. deberá ser un gran ejemplo en sus propia área asignada, al tiempo que planifica intercambios con los compañerismos asignados. 

Esta asignación presupone el ejercicio de mucha confianza hacia ud. 
Ud. se han ganado esa confianza! 

Mi expectativa es que por medio de su ministerio, las hermanas de la misión lleguen a ser mejores maestras, con mejores capacidades didácticas para transmitir el mensaje de la Restauración de una manera simple, sencilla pero a la vez poderosa. Para que lleguen a tener una mayor y mejor capacidad de comprometer a sus investigadores, para ayudarles a dar los pasos necesarios para su completa conversión. 

Recuerde que siempre debe trabajar en unidad con los otros Líderes de la Misión, quienes son los que dirigen sus zonas. Uds. deben llegar a ser una gran ayuda para ellos. 

Otra vez, felicitaciones por haber llegado a ser quien es, y por todo lo que llegará a ser próximamente. 

Con amor, 

Pres. Rubén V. Alliaud
Misión Argentina Córdoba
I´m now companions with Hermana Humacata, from Rio Negro, Argentina. She has just one more transfer than I do in the mission! Today has been a fun day, we got to our area and there´s 2 other hermanas living with us, one of them is training so she will get her companion on Wednesday!! And there are 3 other hermanas staying with us too who are also oing to be training, and we made a peruvian lunch with them today and took a quick nap, we´re going to start visiting other areas next week! And a cool part is, I´m going to be in charge of the Hermanas in Catamarca!! SO I´ll be able to visit my first area one time every trasnfer :) I´m pretty excite. Pretty nervous, but I know it will all be okay. 
But to leave Jesus María will be difficult. We  had 3 baptisms on Saturday, Mauricio´s family. It was a really spiritual time. I´m going to keep praying for Hermana Wilson, she was really nervous to lead the area and have a new companion. I know she will be great :) Hey so in my new area we have a washer for our clothes!! I am so dang happy! :) I washed my clothes today and they are so clean!! I have been hand washing them for 3 transfers, it´s amazing how useful a washer is :) Crazy how it´s something so common to have at home, I really don´t take that stuff for granted anymore. 
I hope everything goes well this week!! Shout out to jessica!!! You look beautiful in your graduation pictures!! :) 
I hope yáll know how much I love you and how grateful I am for you. Thank you so much for all the support you give me and for being such an amazing family. I love you guys so much. 
I hope you have a great week!! Sorry I didnt write a lot of details this week, just alot hasn´t happened with transfers and packing. But next week for sure Ill probably have a lot more news!! I LOve you !!!

Hermana Romeril

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