Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weekly Update June 15, 2015

This week was a really good week, we didn´t get to go to Catamarca, because all of the colectivos stopped working for 2 days, and the hermanas had a bunch of things going on, so we replanned it all for this Thursday and Friday. I´m really excited!! I´m super glad that you had a fun time in Washington! It made me super happy to hear that you enjoyed your vacay! Dad, I am really proud of you nd your new calling. When I read that, I just felt so good about it for you. I feel like you´re going to be amazing in your calling. I remembered the scripture that says, many are called but few are chosen, and you´re one of the chosen ones. And you´ll be using so much of your spanish! Heavenly Father trusts in you so much. And I know what you feel like, I feel pretty unqualified with some of the callings I have in the mission, but Heavenly Father qualifies us for our callings. We just have to do our best, and he´ll always be there to help us. AH!! Good job dad :) Also, I know that this week coming up is Father´s Day, I just want you to know how grateful I am for you, and how big of an example you are to me. Thank you for everything yuo have done for me growing up, I know I wouldn´t be here on my mission without your help. I always tell stories about you, and I got your card you sent me, I understood all the spanish! And learned a new word, merecer :) I love you dad and hope you have a really really good day!!

But this week we went to BellVille to work with the hermanas over there, and I got to work with Hermana Morris who I went to the MTC with! She´s amazing, she is a really wonderful missionary and I was really grateful to have been able to work with her. Being a Sister Training Leader is so great! I feel like I have more to learn from the hermanas we go visit than they have to learn from me. It really helps me to focus in my goal of becoming more like Christ. To focus on other people and to make them first place. I love it so much. Things are super fun here though. But i don´t have a lot of time, we have to go and visit the bishop right now, but know that I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week. I think you guys are the best, seriously, I´ll tell yall all about this week that comes!!

I love yoU!!
Hermana Romeril
 A little girl in our ward :)
 Got to go on splits with Hermana Morris this week.  This is a recent convert in her area.  Had a really good day with Morris!
 Mi compi y sho

 Y tutcas (a cereal)
 mi eshpanola
 Mi peruana

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