Sunday, July 5, 2015

Update June 22, 2015

Hello familia mia,

This week was up and down!! Hmm where to start. Bueno. We went to Catamarca and La Rioja on Thursday and Friday, we arrived to Catamarca and I felt like I had never left. We were able to see so many investigators and a couple members, and it hit me then how much I put my heart into that area. I love Catamarca. We saw Evita, the less active and it was so special!! I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see her. We taught a lesson with her and she said the missionaries stopped passing by to visit her after Hermana Rivera and I were transfered from the area. So the Hermanas are going to start passing by again. We went by and visited Dario and he is doing okay..he had cancer when I left, and he has had it for the past 5 years, and he told me that it´s back again, and the doctors tell him he only has 8 months to live..that made me super sad. But Dario is super positive about everything. He tells me that he is going to keep doing what God wants him to do and he said he knows that God will help him, and that he is happy. So it was pretty hard for me to leave Catamarca, but I am really content to be able to travel there again in another 6 weeks :)
The down part of this week was, well, we had no investigators in the chapel and we had some investigators drop us. They said they already have their own churches and thank you a lot but this isn´t something they want right now. But bueno. Yesterday we had a unique experience at church. There is a family that is super racist and they hate northamericans. So yesterday in church I decided to go and say hi to him. I walked up to him and his wife after sacrament meeting and his wife said hi, and then I said hi to him and put my hand out to shake his and he looked the other way, and he acted like he couldn´t even hear me, and then his wife started making fun of the situation, and I walked away. The sad thing is, that it was in front of the whole ward. Then he went and talked to my companion and told her that I was never welcome to his home and that he was never going to give me food to eat if I came in for lunch, and that he wouldn´t even open up the door for me. And he told her to tell me to never go talk to him again, because he wouldn´t ever talk to me, and my presence makes him mad. But we decided that it´s okay, and I´m not going to give up, because it´s not fair for the other missionaries who are going to come. I will make a difference in this ward in this way, at least I´m really going to try :) :)
But other than that, things have been pretty normal here, thank you so much everyone for your support. Mom i really hope your foot gets better and I hope that you feel my prayers going your way, because I´m continually praying for you. Keep strong. Daddy, I hope you had an amazing Father's Day, Sorry I couldn´t be there, Next year fo sho :) I´m so grateful to have you in my life, I hope you never forget it!! MUAH!!! Have a great week, yáll :) Know I´m okay and I´m happy and feeling so blessed to have yáll in my life!!!
Hermana Romeril
Some of my old investigators in Catmarca.  Now the other hermanas are teaching them. 

 Menos activa from Catamarca :)
 Elevator Swag :)

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