Monday, July 6, 2015

Kelby's last week in Argentina

Hello, well, this is my last email going out to y'all as a missionary here in Argentina, I am being released as a missionary. A lot of different feelings. At first when I heard the news until yesterday, I was really sad, really confused. I didn't think I would end my mission like this. To be honest, something that made me feel really bad is when people say they don't have a lot of respect for people who go home early from their mission. I kept thinking about that and started feeling super unworthy.

I basically begged Hermana Alliaud to let me stay, but she said she wants me to stay, and she has been fighting between what she and President Alliaud want and what´s best for me. And if I stay here, she said they´re letting my health be in a lot of risk, not only for right now, but for the rest of my life as it can turn into something for the rest of my life having these problems if I don´t do anything about it. I´ve tried so hard to stay here, but I think I just need to trust in God. It´s not that I don´t want to come home and see everyone, because I do. I think I just feel for some reason like I´m cheating God.

 When i started my mission I promised myself I would never come home early , that I wouldn´t come home until I reached 18 months in the mission. I´ve put it in my mind this whole time that I was going to stay, and give everything I had no matter what. No matter how hard things got, how sick I was, but I put in my mind that I was going to stay here and not leave until my mission was over. Well, I got this news and I think that´s why I´m so down on myself. I feel like I´m cheating myself out too. But I know it´s not my decision, President Alliaud really isn´t going to let me stay. So I´m dealing  with this right now, I´m trying to work on preparing myself to come home and be content with what´s going on. It´s weird how I feel. Super hard to explain. I´m way excited to come home and see you all, but at the same time I, well, I told you how I feel about the other things. But I am excited to see you all.

The truth is, I am so beat. Yesterday I had an allergic reaction to some medicine I´ve been taking and had some hives it seemed like, and my eyes got super swollen, and I feel like right when I am about to come home, everything is just blowing up and new things are becoming more evident and it´s kinda confirming everything, that President really is receiving revelation for me to come home and get better. Know that I love you all, and that I am so grateful to have yáll in my life. I wouldn´t change anything for anything. Thank you for all the support you all give me and for everything you have all done for me. I´ll be seeing you all soon, like really soon.

My last Sunday in Argentina

 Hermana Romeril

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